Sea contamination

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  • Publicado : 25 de mayo de 2011
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Anthony Justin 10th B
Research Paper
Miss Karin
How sea contamination affects Humans
Every day, every minute, every second, the sea, oceans, the waters of the world are beingcontaminated by us humans. There are several ways that humans contaminate the sea, even though we don’t notice it. Maybe this doesn’t matter to other people, but somehow this affects them also; but notonly them, it affects also the sea animals. It’s important to know this because that way we can prevent sea contamination, and at the same time prevent the negative effects of pollution in our health.Regardless of the type of pollution, its effects on people are almost always negative.
Water pollution can come from a variety of sources. One of the most common factors is humans. When peoplethrow wastes in the sea that contaminates the sea and contaminates the sea animals. The way that this affects us is that when us, for example go to the beach, we swim there not knowing it affects ourhealth. Maybe we could get sick, or a very harmful disease. The causes of pollution in the water are virtually endless.
Water contamination also affects the oxygen we breathe. When we usecontaminated water to water the plants, those plants may not grow well. We all know that plants produce the oxygen we breathe. So when plants don’t develop well instead of producing oxygen, they produce carbonmonoxide, which is very harmful for our lungs. Lots of people will die if water contamination continues the way it is. Oxygen is one of our most vital sources of energy in this world, and we have toprotect it.
Water pollution affects the health of the waterway, the health of the organisms living in and around the waterway, and, eventually, the health of humans. The effects of water pollutioncan range from aquatic deformities to contaminated fish to "dead" lakes. When people eat most commonly fish, the fish might be contaminated therefore causing a severe disease in people. People who...
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