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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2012
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Fabiola Baca Perches
Go Vegan!
Vegan is the name given to the people who doesn’t eat or wear any animal product. Now after this short explication why should you govegan? Besides the fact that a vegan diet is healthier that the meat one, you grow as a person, why? Because you learn to love the animals and be more pacific; you may think howstop eating meat but many vegans can report feeling more tranquil and less aggressive on the vegan diet. Anxiety attacks and anger may be reduced in frequency.
The vegan diet isprimarily a compassionate diet, this is because in the modern production of both eggs and milk, animals live in unnatural conditions, suffer, and die before their time. In theproduction of any animal product including meat, as well as leather, wool,etc. Animals are treated as commodities since the high competitiveness of the market does not rewardcompassionate treatment. They are usually kept in confined spaces, loaded up with antibiotics, fed unnatural foods that make them sick, cut for various reasons with no painkillers,and so on.
You should go vegan BECAUSE vegans have better smelling! Some adherents to the vegan diet find themselves able to give up using deodorant .another awesome thing forgoing vegan is that the easiest way of losing 10 to 20 kilos is to simply go vegan; when you go vegan, you gain more energy, a lot of people who go vegan report a higher level ofenergy and vigor. Many athletes, including bodybuilders, attribute a vegan diet to their success.
Lastly, this may surprise you but...
As you can see there are a lot of goodreasons to go vegan. Veganism is a lifestyle choice that nowadays is accepted as normal by more and more people. I’m almost 100% vegan and I feel great! So profe GO VEGAN! (:
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