Search an individual

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Search an Individual
Conditions: You are given a subject who needs to be searched, and you have authorization to search. The subject may or may not have weapons and/or contraband concealed on his/her person.
Standards: Conduct a search of the selected subject, locating any weapons and/or contraband on the subject. Maintain control of the subject throughout the search. Determinethe final course of action based on the situation and the result of the search.
Performance Steps |
1. Determine which type of search to perform based on the situation. |
Note: A full search of a person's body should be done by members of the same sex, but this should not stop you from conducting a pat-down search for your safety if you suspect weapons may be involved. |
2. Conduct astand-up search with handcuffs. |
a. Direct the subject to— |
(1) Turn and face away from you. |
(2) Spread his/her feet until you say "Stop." |
(3) Point his/her toes outward. |
(4) Bring his/her hands behind his/her back with the palms out and thumbs upward. |
(5) Stand still. |
b. Ensure that the assisting military police Soldier, if available, is in the correct position. The assistantmilitary police Soldier should stand in front of the subject and to one side at a 45-degree angle and out of the subject's reach. |
Note: You may or may not have an assistant when searching. You should always try to get another military police Soldier to assist, but you should be prepared to search without one if the situation dictates. |
c. Approach the subject with care, apply handcuffs, andmaintain positive control of the subject throughout the search. |
d. Position yourself behind the subject and stay balanced, with your front foot forward and rear foot to the outside of the subject's feet. |
e. Search the subject's headgear. |
(1) Remove the headgear in a careful manner. |
(2) Bend the seams of the headgear, before crushing, to determine if razor blades or similar itemsare hidden inside. |
(3) Complete the search of the headgear, and place it on the ground. |
f. Search the subject using the pat-and-crush method in the following sequence: |
Note: Visualize dividing the body into two parts, and repeat the search for both sides in the same sequence, overlapping areas in the center. |
(1) The head and hair. |
(2) The selected side from arm to shoulder. |(3) The neck and collar. Bring any neckwear worn by the subject to the back, and inspect with care for weapons or contraband. |
(4) The selected side of the back to the waist. |
(5) The selected side of the chest to the waist. |
Note: When searching females, the bra is checked by pulling out the center enough to allow any concealed weapons or contraband to fall out. |
(6) The waistband(the front to the middle of the back). |
(a) Bend the material and then crush it to detect razor blades. |
(b) Check between the belt and the pants, pants and the undergarment, and undergarment and skin. |
(7) The selected side of the buttocks. |
Note: Squat, rather than bend, when searching the lower half of the subject's body, so you are not placed in an unbalanced position. |
(8) Theselected side hip, abdomen, and crotch. |
(9) The selected side leg from the crotch to the top of the shoe. |
(10) The selected side shoe. Check the top edge of the boot or shoe by inserting a finger, with care, in the top edge to feel for evidence of weapons. |
g. Reverse the position of your feet and search the opposite side. |
3. Conduct a stand-up search without handcuffs. |
Note: Thedecision to place handcuffs on the subject before searching must be based on the situation and according to the local provost marshal office (PMO) policy. It is always safer to have the subject restrained before searching, but in some instances, you may not be authorized. Obtain guidance from your local PMO if you are unsure. |
a. Direct the subject to— |
(1) Raise his/her arms above his/her...
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