Secret garden part two

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  • Publicado : 16 de noviembre de 2011
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The secret garden (part two)

One day like all of the other, Marry was going to the secret garden wishing for Dickon to be there, when she arrived she found a note from Dickon with some letters printed on it “I will come back” and so Marry went to the house and showed it to Martha .The weather was quite contrary as once day Marry was , so she was a little bit worried that it might rain andthat meant that she could not go outside and be on the garden , and so this was what happened it started to rain .Marry was quite upset about it she tried to take a nap, but she just couldn’t, all of a sudden she heard a noise that crying she always heard and never had the guts to find out where did it came from but that day Marry was feeling adventurous so she decided to find out what it was ,and were did it came from, she did not mind about Mrs. Medlock ,she was wondering around the house and then there it was the room had ancient ,handsome furniture in it .Lying on the bed was a boy he had sharp delicate face the color of ivory and he seemed to have to have eyes to big fir his face. For a moment he thought she was a ghost but then they discovered that they were cousins , Marry toldhim her story and Colin told her his , her mother had died when he was born and her father did not liked him because he did not wanted to suffer the lost of someone he loved again , so Colin never had met her father Mrs. Medlock was the one in charge of him.

Colin was born premature, and they never let him walk he was in a wheel chair or in bed cause Mrs. Medlock said that he had adeformities on the column and also she had this rule that everyone should have their mouth covered when they entered Colin’s room, he couldn’t see the sun light and of course he couldn’t breathe the fresh air of the outside. They talked for a while, but Colin was really rude and was used to always have his way so Marry got really mad with him and she left him there all alone. The next day Marry went againto Colin’s room they talked and played with puzzles, Marry kept doing this every day for several weeks, there were sometimes when they argued, Marry always told him how he had the attitude of a rajah and often she got really upset because Colin was really spoiled and always obtained what he wanted.

One good day Mrs. Medlock went out of the house to do some shores, so this was when Marrythought about showing Colin what was behind the curtains of his windows and also for him to try to breathe some fresh air with Dikon’s help they took down the wood tables of the windows and Colin saw for the first time what was outside, Marry went down with Dickon , but Colin got a anxiety attack and started crying and shouting ,Martha heard him and went running to the room they picked him up from thefloor and laid him on the bead they immediately called Mrs. Medlock but Marry arrived first and started to fight with Colin and then marry told him that he had nothing on his back , that all of it was a lie and if he really wanted to walk he could do it everything was inside of him , Colin was calmed by the time Mrs.Medlock arrived and saw Marry over there he ordered her to go away but Colin toldMedlock to mind her own business and to go away , Marry now could visit him whenever she wanted .

One of the days that Marry was visiting Colin, Marry told her about the garden that she had found it and that she was planting some beautiful flowers with Dickon’s help, and Colin was decided to visit the garden , so the next morning Colin ordered every servant on the house to live him alone withDickon and Marry he announced he was going out and did not wanted anybody following him for no reason , included Mrs. Medlock.Dickon ,Marry and Colin went to the garden pushing Colin’s wheelchair they arrived to the secret door and opened it , when Colin saw the garden he was impressed it was just how he had imagined it full of flowers of all the colors , they were enjoying themselves when...
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