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Chapter 9
Invitation to a Tea Party

The King Draws a Line:
The English convinced the Indians that they would not cross the “Proclamation Line” in order to have time for restore stability, many settlers began crossing the road and the agreement was breached. The Indians response was violent the illegal settlers requested aid from Great Britain but it was denied and their alienationincrease.
Taxation without Representation: It was determined that the colonies had to help pay for the cost of the war. Parliament passed different Acts to make them pay. Such as: Sugar Act, Currency Act (forbids to issue money), Act of Trade and Navigation, and more. The resentment increased and James Otis denounced “taxation without representation” because the colonies didn’t have representationin Parliament.
Stamps of Tyranny: Parliament passed the Stamp Act which required that every paper (newspaper, deeds, playing cards, etc.) bear a revenue stamp purchased form royally appointed colonial stamp agents.
Act II: Chancellor Charles Townshend pushed the Townshend Acts which levied import duties on glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea. The “writs of assistance” (blanked search warrants)allowed officials to search anyone’s homes. The colonies boycotted English goods and the governor of Virginia dissolved the House of Burgesses, but Parliament bowed to pressure and repealed all the Townshend duties except for the tax on tea.
Boston Rising: In 1770, a British redcoat looking for a part-time job got into a brawl with Bostonians. Captain Preston arrived with redcoats and a tensestandoff ensued. Discipline broke down among the soldiers and one fired into the crowd, then others began firing and three colonist died and others were Wounded. It was called the “Boston Massacre.” British authorities withdrew all troops from town and the redcoats were put on trial, for which Anglo-American relations actually improved.
Some Intolerable Acts: King George III had bad reputation withAmerican. They saw him as money hungry and a ruler. The King and the Prime Minister created the Coercive Acts aka the Intolerable Acts. The first one was the Boston Port Act which suspended commerce through the harbor until the colonist paid for the wasted tea.
The Massachusetts Government Act prohibits all town meetings that don’t have King’s approval, and that only the king could assign people tothe government’s upper house. The colonists responded by creating the First Continental Congress.
Continental Congress: A group of 56 colonists formed the Continental Congress and met with every state except for Georgia. They deemed the Intolerable Acts to be unconstitutional and made the Suffolk Resolves, which called the colonists not listen to the Intolerable acts and to start collectingtheir own colonial taxes.
Then, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams requested that the colonies be allowed to govern themselves, still having the king as the head of government but it was denied by Parliament. After going back and forth in fighting for their freedom, Parliament brought up the idea that Massachusetts was in rebellion, thus declaring the American Revolution.
The Shot Heard ‘Round theWorld: Since Parliament had declared the American Revolution, Massachusetts set-up military groups that could be ready to fight on a minute’s notice, called “Minutemen.” General Thomas Cage set out a plan to remove all the gunpowder from the Massachusetts Provincial Congress in Concord. That plan backfired when his army accidentally killed some and finding a small bit of gunpowder left in ConcordPaul Revere, on the colonist’s side, rode from Charlestown t Lexington on the night of April 18 yelling to everyone “the British were coming.” The British lost the battle because the Patriot soldiers pushed them out of town.
Washington Signs On: After a few wins of the Green Mountain Boys under the direction of Ethan Allen the colonists still needed a leader to head the government, create...
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