Secretary's makeup

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Secretary Makeup

The secretaries' makeup is an important aspect such as the hair or clothes, because normally if you are facing the public your image should be kept and clean. The purpose of amakeup for a secretary, is to feel safe and of course, give people confidence. Can you imagine a secretary disheveled and dirty clothes? It would be horrible. Makeup should not be very sophisticated.Just keep in mind the season and time of day that works to choose the colors.

We will enumerate the most important steps to be perfect for your work schedule:

Skin Care:

You must keep thehabit of moisturizing and nourishing day and night. Needless to tell you about the care of the eye area, a good cream for the area and that's it.


You must be strong and always keep themas carefully as possible. Unkempt brows can ruin the best makeup artist made world's most prestigious. Remember that.


Eliminate traces of fatigue on the face and some smallimperfection.

The base:

Must meet the needs of your skin, meaning that if you have oily skin, dry or mixed, you have to choose a makeup case your skin tone and of course as close as possible toyours.

Loose powder or compact:

Use a layer too thick for your skin does not look stuffy. Please note that we are looking for natural, even if your skin tends to be shiny, take the brush in her bagand pressed powder for touch-ups when they appear undesirable.

Shadows and eye makeup:

This now will depend on your style and your personality, but remember that it is better to highlight thebeauty of the face and soften expression draw attention not because you chose a shade of electric blue, you think because you look gorgeous and simply because the reflection of the shadow disturbsthe view. Be cautious and choose neutral colors that promote all kinds of eyes. Illuminates the area with a light shadow tear and emphasize your lashes by adding a line in the upper eyelid that gives...
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