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A Hero in the Iliad

A hero can be considered to be a person or a character with admirable qualities that displays actions that account for more than words can describe. Usually, in theface of danger or from a position of weakness, they display courage and will for self-sacrifice. Heroes fight for something greater than just themselves. We find these distinct individuals in ourevery day lives, history, and even literature. A great example of this is presented in the Iliad, which was written by Homer around 1250b.c. This epic poem is one the most famous works in Greekliterature. It displays a set of interesting heroes that mark their history as well as the world’s. Many recognize Achilles as the greatest hero among them, but few realize that Hector from Troy also fulfillshis duties, as a great hero should.
Although Homer doesn’t describe Hector directly, he lets the reader know about his personality and purposes throughout his actions. Even just by reading excerptsof the books six and twenty two, the reader realizes that his courage and determination makes Hector worthy of being called a hero. Homer sets the conflict in the last year of the historic Trojan War.Hector is the son of Priam, the king of Troy, and fought first hand against the Greeks to bring honor upon him and his family. He set off to fight knowing that his fate would only bring him death.Hector was a man of his word as he proved to be the bravest fighter the Trojans could field. Although a mortal, he was admired by his people for his determination and strong will.
In book six, theGreeks were doing well on the battlefield therefore Hector decides to return to Troy and tell the Trojans to pray and ask Athena for help. He also visits Andromache, his wife, who is in great sorrow andworries for his life. She pleads for him to stay in the city because she doesn’t want their son to become an orphan nor she wants to be a widow so soon. Andromache explains that she doesn’t want to...
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