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Instructions for the following series products: Wire Rope Horizontal Lifeline
(See back page for specific model numbers.)

User Instruction Manual Sayfline™ Wire Rope Horizontal Lifeline
This manual is provided as the Manufacturer’s Instructions, and should be used as part of an employee training program as required by OSHA.

Figure 1 Typical Horizontal Lifeline Installation

AnchorageZorbit HLL Energy Absorber Anchorage Connector

Attachment O-ring

Cable Grip

60 ft (18.3m) Max. (One Zorbit Energy Absorber)


Zorbit HLL Energy Absorber Anchorage Connector Tension Indicator (see Figure 2 and Application 1.2-B)

Zorbit HLL Energy Absorber

Attachment O-ring

Cable Grip

100 ft (30.5m) Max. (T wo Zorbit Energy Absorbers)

WARNING: Do not rigidly mountZorbit HLL Energy Absorber to structure or stanchion. May cause failure due to bending stress. Mount so Zorbit can pivot and move freely.

WARNING: This product is part of a fall protection system. The users must read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for each component of the system. These instructions must be provided to the users of this equipment. The users must read and understandthese instructions before using this equipment. Manufacturer’s instructions must be followed for proper use and maintenance of this product. Alterations or misuse of this product, or failure to follow instructions, may result in serious injury or death. IMPORTANT: If you have questions on the use, care, or suitability of this equipment for your application, contact DBI-SALA.


© Copyright20 11, DB Industries, Inc.


PURPOSE: The Sayfline Wire Rope Horizontal Lifeline System is designed for use as an anchoring means for one or two personal fall arrest systems (PF AS). Use the Sa yfline Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) where horizontal mobility and fall protection is required. The T ension Indicator is intended to be used as an element within a horizontal lifelinesubsystem incorpor ating a Z orbit energy absorber. See Figure 2 for parts identification. LIMITATIONS: The following limits apply to the installation and use of Sayfline Wire Rope Horizontal Lifeline System. Other limitations may apply:


IMPORTANT: OSHA regulations state that horizontal lifelines shall be installed and used under the supervision of a qualified person (see below fordefinition) as part of a complete personal fall arrest system that maintains a safety factor of at least two. Qualified Person: An individual with a recognized degree or professional certificate, and extensive knowledge and experience in the subject field, who is capable of design, analysis, evaluation, and specification in the subject work, project, or product. Refer to OSHA 1910.66, 1926.32, and1926.502. A. HORIZONTAL LIFELINE SPAN: The maximum horizontal lifeline span length is 60 feet (18.3 m)with a single Zorbit HLL energy absorber, or 100 feet (30.5 m) when a Z orbit HLL energy absorber is installed on each end of the system. See Figure 1. The span length must be reduced when clearance is limited. See section 3.0 for clearance information. B. TENSION INDICATOR: The Tension Indicator isto be used with DBI-SALA horizontal lifeline systems that incorporate a Zorbit energy absorber (See Figures 1 and 2). Do not use the T ension Indicator on systems that do not have at least one Z orbit energy absorber. C. ANCHORAGES: The Sayfline horizontal lifeline must be installed on anchorages that meet the requirements specified section 2.4. D. SYSTEM CAPACITY: The maximum capacity of theSayfline horizontal lifeline is two persons. The maximum weight of each person, including tools and clothing, is 310 lbs. (141 kg).
Turnbuckle Connection Figure 2 Tension Indicator Zorbit Connection Tension Indicator Pointer Bolt Locknut Spacer

E. CONNECTING SUBSYSTEM: Each person’s connecting subsystem must limit fall arrest forces to 900 lbs. (4.0 kN) or less. See section 2.5. F. FREE FALL:...
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