Security and innovation in cars

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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2011
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The topic i choose is about the security and innovation in cars.Since the ancient times the cars have been innovated in different ways . This text is about the security and theinnovation of the cars trhow the years Also the new plans , prototypes and goals that the industries of cars have. The central point is discuss the dream of the engineers that security be the principalcaracteristic in a car and in the road but the big problem is that they cant control the driver.
Time line to illustrated
- In 1981 Mercedez came out to the market the fisrt automobile with airbags and Sea belts.
- In the lastest 90 the biggest worry for the investigators in motor car security
- was reduce the injuries or ills suffered in the accidents by making the parts of the carmore bigger and resistant, reinforcement the doors against the impacts, bag airs and solid hydraulic sistem of braking.
The aumobile engineer in the actual time is based in the prevention. Theadvance electronic systems that are now implemented in the cars are designed for making drive more easily . Drive more easy let drivers get more concentrated in the road to avoid and prevents accidents.Even the tecnollogy is making impossible things possible , the engineers keep saying that in the future the drivers always will still taking the decision at driving. So the perfect security car willbe not able at least this conditions gets eliminated.
Im going to based my project in the plans of the Automobile company Mercedez Benz . Mercedez has a lot of different proposals but the nextprojects specially catch my atention.The F500 use innovative-design electronic accelerator and brake pedals, which take up less space than their conventional equivalents. In the dark or in poor visibility,the innovative night vision system projects its images onto the right-hand display. The night vision system consists of two infrared laser headlights on the front of the vehicle which 'illuminate'...