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A turbine of six flat shovels settles centrally in a vertical tank. The tank has 6 ft of diameter; the turbine has 2 ft of diameter and is located 2 ft over the bottom of the tank. Theshovels of the turbine have a width of 6 inches. The tank this plenty until a height of 6 ft with a dissolution of caustic soda to the 50 percent to 150 farenheit, that it has a viscosity of 12 cp andone 93,5 density of libras/ft. The turbine turns to 90 rpm. The tank is provided of baffles. ¿what is the power required for the operation of the mixer?
* Sosa caustica o soda caustica. Hidroxidode sodio
* Flat. Plano
* Settles. Se Instala
* Bottom. Parte inferior o fondo
* Shovels. Palas
* Width. Anchura.
* Plenty. Lleno
* Baffles or baffle plate. Placasdeflectoras.
A ground that contains 14% of humidity has mixed in a great mixer of mullers with 10% in weight of a consisting of tracer dextrose and picric acid. After 3 minutes of mixed, 12 samples weretaken at random from the mixture and the contents of colouring were analyzed colorimetricamente in the same. The concentrations measured in the samples expressed in percentage in weight of tracer, were10,24, 9,30. calculates the mixture index .

* Mullers. Moletas

One wants to crush 10 t/h of hematite iron mineral. The size of the supply is such, that 80% cross for a sieve of 3 inch andthat 80% of the product must cross for a sieve of 1/8 inch. Calculate the brute power needed. Use a index of work Ei of 12.68 for the hematite (P1).

Which is the power needed to crush 100 t/h oflimestone if 80% of the supply cross a sieve of 2 inch and 80% of the product must cross a sieve of 1/8 inch?

One crush a material on a Blake jaw crusher, reducing the average particle size from 50mm to 10 mm, the energy is consumed at the speed of 13 kW/(kg/s). Which will be the necessary energy consumption to crush the same material from an average size of 75 mm up to other one of 25 mm?
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