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[pic]Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León[pic]
Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas

Departamento de Ciencias Exactas y Desarrollo Humano

Academia de Ingles

CAADI Calificación: ____

EXAMEN ordinario de Ingles V, Unidades 10-12 Semestre: Agosto-Dic, 2009
Nombre: _____________________________Grupo__________ Fecha _____________
A ► Listen to a conversation between two students. Then check (√) the correct answers.
1. Tito is vocalizing ______________ 3. Tito is going to ____________ A
□ a. to get ready for a speech □ a. eat turkey with honey __ / 8 points
□ b. To get attention from her friend □ b. eatbananas and drink tea (2 points each)
□ c. to calm herself down □ c. eat turkey with bananas

2. Tito’s speech is __________ 4. Bananas can ____________
□ a. for 100 people at his office □ a. warm up your voice
□ b. about public speaking □ b. help calmyour nerves
□ c. for public speaking class □ c. make you sleepy

B Complete the sentences in the passive. B
Example : People all over the world are using the internet for communication __ / 10 points
The internet is being used for communication all overthe world. (2 points each)
1. Someone read the list of award winning blogs.
The list of award-winning blogs _are being read for someone_______________________
2. Someone is going to publish the article about interplanetary communication.
The article about interplanetary communication _is going to be published for someone_____________________
3. Even today, peoplequote the wise sayings of Confucius.
Confucius’ sayings _are being quoted_______________________ even today.
4. A company has printed a nook of Dr. King’s speeches.
A book of Dr. King’s speeches _has been printed by a company ______________________
5. People have used the internet for many different purposes.
The internet _has been used__________________ for many differentpurposes.

C Complete the paragraph with the expressions from the box. C
__ / 12 points
(2 points each)

If you have reached this website, you already know that tourism onour beaches have become difficult to manage. We hope people like you will donate money to save our beautiful beaches. (1) __to begin____________ , we’d like to share you with some startling
Aprobado por la Academia de: INGLES
Facts. (2) ___first___________ , the tortoise population has been destroyer by people who don’t respect their breeding grounds. (3) ____in addition______________ , peoplehave been littering on the beaches. (4) ____second______________ , the seal population is in trouble because people are frightening them away, and the babies are being abandoned by their mothers .
(5) ___third_____________ , our rare birds are at risk as population from tourism destroys their natural habitats. (6) _____in conclution_______________ , we need your help! Please send your donationtoday.

D Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in parentheses. D
1. All of the kids I teach ____have had______a problem spelling English words (have) __ / 6 points
2. Plenty of people ___have made____ mistakes when typing e-mails in a hurry (make) (1 points each)
3. Most of people who ____has been____ musically talented have good...
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