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Digital Super Hybrid Telephone System

The flexible telephone system for your growing business.
Panasonic is leading the way in today’s diverse marketplace by implementing the latest advances in digital technology into the expanding business environment. The Panasonic KX-TD500 Digital Super Hybrid System is your cost-effective connection to enhanced business communications.Developed with growing businesses in mind, the KX-TD500 features an efficient, modular design which allows for easy and inexpensive upgrades. Our Digital Super Hybrid System supports the Panasonic KX-T7750, 7730, 7720, 7200 and the KX-T7400 series telephones as well as single-line phones. The fully digital KX-TD500 has many time-saving features and is the perfect match for easy integration with aPanasonic Voice Processing System. With this affordable breakthrough in call management, growing businesses can now easily expand at their own rate.

KX-TD500 Digital Super Hybrid Telephone System
Modular Design The modular design of the KX-TD500 allows you to expand from 8 phones and 8 lines to as many as 448 extensions and 192 CO lines by adding expansion cards (512 ports maximum).The system can be installed as one, two or three shelf configurations, providing economical expansion from 192 ports (1 cabinet), to 384 ports (2 cabinets), to 512 ports (3 cabinets). Universal Ports and Card Slots The ingenious design of the KX-TD500 allows you to maximize the use of each cabinet. Universal slots accommodate any type of card (CO, Station, ISDN, T1, etc.), so you can expand yoursystem at your own rate while keeping upgrading costs to a minimum. And the Panasonic KX-T7750, 7730, 7720 and KX-T7400 series telephones will work with the KX-TD500 System, eliminating the need to change the cabling.

ISDN PRI or T1 Service The system’s T1 or ISDN PRI service allows 2 pairs of wires to be electronically divided into 24 channels, which eliminates the need to runseparate lines, and provides an extremely cost-effective way to connect the system to the telephone company’s central office. Direct Inward Dial (DID) The KX-TD500 can be connected to Direct Inward Dial (DID) CO lines provided by the telephone company. With DID service, calls from outside your business will be directed to a specific extension, alleviating the need for an operator or an attendant. AT1 Digital Trunk card (KX-T96187) or an ISDN PRI card (KX-TD50290) is required to utilize this feature. Networking If you have offices in multiple locations, the TD500 provides a networking solution that makes calling from one location to another as simple as dialing an extension in one location. This is accomplished by connecting systems together using T1 or the more advanced ISDN PRI lines whichsupport QSIG, one of the most flexible platforms available for networking multiple systems together.

Cost Management Features
Toll Restriction The Super Hybrid System can be programmed to prohibit unauthorized outgoing long distance calls by preventing certain extensions from accessing specified area codes or exchange codes. Automatic Route Selection Helps reduce long distance costs byautomatically routing outgoing calls to the most efficient long distance carrier within the user’s network based on the time of day, day of week, and call destination tables. Station Message Detail Recording* This provides you with a printed record of outgoing and/or incoming calls from every extension to help you control telephone expenses and help reduce telephone abuse.
* Requires optional printeror computer software.

Main Office

Satellite Office




Expansion in Three Cabinets
Single Cabinet Double Cabinet Triple Cabinet

192 Ports

348 Ports

512 Ports

System Features
Uniform Call Distribution
Evenly distributes incoming calls to operators or agents logged into a specific UCD group, as might be required by a travel office,...
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