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  • Publicado : 2 de noviembre de 2010
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Selecting a college or university to study plays an important role in most people’s life. The universities we go to does not only affect our knowledge but it influences our point of view and ourcareer as well. Upon realizing this importance, I have spent much of my time looking for an appropriate university. Finally, the one which I look to as the next step in my academic journey is the HofstraUniversity The motivating factors for my decision are threefold: the university’s prestige, diversity and modern facilities.

Until last month, I have known very few about the Hofstra University. Ionly knew at that time it was a famous university somewhere in Hempstead. Things began to change when I met a student in my school that was admitted. He told me a lot about this new university.Through his recommendation, the university appeared before my eyes to be a wonderful place where the most intelligent minds work together. This makes the Hofstra University a good match for me as I,myself, am very enthusiastic about my study.
After gathering more information about the Hofstra by the Internet, and so on, I learned that the Hofstra is not only composed of a great number of studentsbut students from around the world as well. It also helps me a great deal since I am not a native USA citizen. As a result, at the Hofstra, I will not be ashamed that I am the only internationalstudent, but there are thousands of students like me, working with students of the same or even higher intellectual level from different countries will be a new but interesting experience of mine.

Inconclusion, the Hofstra will pave the way to my success, but obviously, it is neither the university’s fame, diversity, staff nor facilities that secure one’s success unless he or she knows how to takeadvantages of them. This is what I intend to do when I am admitted to the Hofstra. To me, studying at the Hofstra is not simply an invaluable opportunity but a challenge to me as well. However, given...
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