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a. Define semantics and meaning ( Bloomfield)
Semantics. - Is the study of meaning, the central study of communication, is also at the centre of the study of the humanmind (though processes, cognition, conceptualization).
Semantics is one branch of linguistics, is a component discipline of linguistics.
Meaning. - Bloomfield recipe for discovering meaning leads intoa path of infinite regression; it turns out to be a dead end not only on practical but logical grounds.
b. Make a distinction between knowledge of language and Knowledge on the real world.
Thedistinction between knowledge of language and knowledge on the real world is simple, the people in the real world don’t worry about fulfilling the grammatical norms, and they only think in resume thewords and save time in the message. The language in the real world don’t have logic in the most cases, the message are simplify.
c. Explain the seven types of meaning with examples.
The seventypes of meaning are:
* Conceptual meaning
This is logical, cognitive, or denotative content.
e.g. Ok this is a good idea.
* Connotative Meaning
Connotative meaning is open-ended in the sameway as our knowledge and beliefs about the universe are open-ended: any characteristics of the referent identified subjectively or objectively, may contribute to the connotative meaning of theexpression which denotes it.
e.g. Please how can you help me? I lost.
* Stylistic and Affective Meaning
This is the use of language in the social circumstance.
e.g. Where are your domicile?
*Reflected Meaning
This is the communicated through association with another sense of the same expression.
e.g. You are a pretty lady, you are so beautiful.

* Affective Meaning
This is thecommunicated of the feelings and attitudes of the speaker/writer.
e.g. I’m happy because you are here.
* Thematic Meaning
This is communicated by the way in which the message is organized in terms of...
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