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  • Publicado : 10 de enero de 2013
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Full name Passport number Nationalitydate of birth
I am aware that before my arrival in Israel the KPC office in Israel has taken care of a volunteer visa for me. This visa requires me to stay in the Kibbutz for a minimum time of twomonths and to leave Israel when it expires. I declare that I will inform the volunteer coordinator a month in advance regarding the date of my planned departure from the Kibbutz.
I hereby declare that Iaccept the regulations concerning the rights and duties of volunteers in Kibbutzim.
I know that upon my arrival to the Kibbutz I will be required to give to the Kibbutz money deposit for cases ofloss or damage to Kibbutz property or if I will leave the Kibbutz sooner then the planned departure, with no accepted reason.
I declare that I am in good health, mentally and physically. If there areany medical conditions or chronic illnesses that will affect my work and commitment on the kibbutz, I am required to let you know in advance.
I am aware that the KPC insurance covers all necessarymedical treatment and hospitalization but not for any previous illnesses. If anything is not disclosed and becomes apparent as an issue during the program, it will be grounds for dismissal.
Anyinappropriate behavior either before placement, at the Tel Aviv office, or at your kibbutz, will result in immediate removal from the program with no refund.
I declare that I will refrain from excessiveuse of alcohol and that I know that drunkenness is not tolerated on the Kibbutz.
I accept that use or possession of any illegal drugs, including Hashish, is strictly forbidden by law, and will beabide by all rules.
Any deviation from these rules can result in being expelled from the Kibbutz.

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