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Steve needs a roommate. He’s interviewing Kevin.


Have parties

Play loud music

Have a pet

Use thephone


Take a look at the pictures. Organize a short conversation between Steve and Kevin in which you ask the previous questions. Ex. Do you want to have a pet? Do you play loudmusic?

Steve.-Hello! How are you?

Kevin.-Fine, thanks. I’m Kevin. I’m interesting to share your room with you. Do you have any question?

Steve.-Yes, I do. When you are at home, you would like toplay loud music?

Kevin.-Oh, no! I usually like to play classic music in my Ipod and I hearing it by my earphones.

Steve.-Do you have any pet or do you want to have one?

Kevin.-No. I don’tlike pets.

Steve.-Do you smoke?

Kevin.-No, I don’t.

Steve.-Do you have parties at home?

Kevin.-No, I have not. I have to spent all my free time studying Spanish because I got a scholarship ina University of Colombia next year.

Steve.-OK. What about the use of phone?

Kevin.-You don´t have any concern about that. I only use my cell phone. Do we have a deal?

Steve.-Sure! When doyou want to move?


Read the conversation:
Sandy: Hello?
Joe: Hello, Is Dan Martin there?
Sandy: Dan Martin? I don’t know. What does he look like?
Joe: Well, he’stall and slim, and he has long blond hair.
Sandy: Tall and slim with long blond hair. Does he wear glasses?
Joe: No, but he has beard and mustache and…
Sandy: Oh, Ok, I see him. Hold on, please.GRAMMAR

Describe your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or ideal mate.

I have a person in my life and I’m going to try to describe him.
His height is five feet and a half or less.
Hisbrown eyes, black hair, white skin and a mouth like duck make him a normally serious face.
But when he smiles (or laughs), he looks very handsome to me.
This year George became to the age of sixty,...
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