Sense and nonsense

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Sense and Nonsense: Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Behaviour

Kevin N. Laland Gillian R. Brown


Sense and Nonsense

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Sense and Nonsense
Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Behaviour
Kevin N. Laland
Royal Society University Research Fellow Sub-Department of Animal Behaviour University of Cambridge


Gillian R.Brown
Research Scientist Sub-Department of Animal Behaviour University of Cambridge


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Can evolutionary theory help us to understand human behaviour and society? Many evolutionary biologists, anthropologists, and psychologists are optimistic thatevolutionary principles can be applied to human behaviour, and have offered evolutionary explanations for a wide range of human characteristics, such as homicide, religion, and sex differences in behaviour. Others are sceptical of these interpretations, and stress the effects of learning and culture. They maintain that human beings are too special to study as if they were just another animal—after all, wehave complex culture, language, and writing, and we build houses and programme computers. Perhaps both of these stances are right to a degree. Some aspects of our behaviour may be more usefully investigated using the methods of evolutionary biology than others. The challenge for scientists will be to determine which facets of humanity are open to this kind of analysis, and to devise definitive testsof any hypotheses concerning our evolutionary legacy. For those of us fascinated by this challenge, knowledge of the diverse methods by which human behaviour is studied from an evolutionary perspective would seem a prerequisite. In this book, we outline five evolutionary approaches that have been used to investigate human behaviour and characterize their methodologies and assumptions. Theseapproaches are sociobiology, human behavioural ecology, evolutionary psychology, memetics, and gene–culture coevolution. For each, we discuss their



positive features and their limitations and in the final chapter we compare their relative merits. Innumerable popular books have already been published that discuss human behaviour and evolution, e.g. The Selfish Gene (Dawkins, 1976),...
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