Sense and sensiblity diary

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  • Publicado : 11 de noviembre de 2011
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“Sense and Sensibility: Diary Entry”
November 4th, 1811
Dear Diary,
Today was an ordinary day; my sister and I are in London with Ms. Jennings. We have just finished the dinner, and my sister onlythinks in writing letter to Mr. Willoughby, but she have not received any letter. I think Mr. Willoughby is playing with Marianne’s feelings. I remembered a few months ago when Mr. Willoughby savedmy sister in that rainy day, and took her to our house in his arms. Since that day she felt in love with Mr. Willoughby, my sister is so sensible and she doesn´t think with the head she only follow herheart, I think that is the problem of Marianne, that is why she suffered when Mr. Willoughby went to London because his business. And now she only writes and writes because she has the hope that oneday she will be married with him. The way I see, I think John Willoughby is not the correct man for my sister, he is not respectful with her, I think Coronel Brandon is a good man for her and he willrespect and love her. I admire so much Coronel Brandon, because he has suffered a lot, and he continuous with happiness and love to life, he is in charge of the daughter of a woman that he felt inlove but that they never were together.
Oh Diary! I can´t sleep because my mind only wants to remember that awful day, when Lucy said me that she is engaged with Edward. Lucy is in love with Edward andshe only think in be married with him, I don´t know if she loves him, but I know she is going to make everything to be with Edward. I have noticed that she is a little bit mysteriously, I think shedoesn´t say what she is really thinking. I know that Edward doesn´t love her, but he is a gentleman, he is so honorable, and he is a man that comply his promises. I can´t do anything only I have towish them a lot of luck and happiness, even I feel a hole in my heart, it doesn´t matter because I have to think with my head. Even Lucy broke the engagement, Edward´s mother doesn´t want me for her...
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