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  • Publicado : 5 de marzo de 2012
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The Model B-200 Conduction Type Thermostat
Minimum overshoot, small cycling differential and faster response
The three most important requirements for control characteristics are: 1.Little of no overshoot of the temperature setting on the initial warmup cycle or on recovery 2. A cycling differential sufficiently close for the application; and 3. Fast response to the sudden heat loadsand full recovery to the temperature setting.

R. Levinn – President B. Powell – Sales Manager CONTROLS, INC. P.O. Box 900, Cairo, New York12413 Phone: (518) 622-3033 Fax: (518) 622-3163 ®

The Model B-200 uses no bonded bi-metal strip. The contacts are opened and closed by expansion and contraction of the base and theresulting vertical movement of the specially formed, low expansion thermal spring.

The base plate in full conduction contact with the heated surface results in minimum overshoot, smaller cyclingdifferential and faster response to heat loading. The forceful push-pull of the thermal spring against the strong contact spring tension gives clean make and break resulting in no flutter, less contactwear, longer life. The case is constructed of heavy gauge steel and gives complete protection against damage to the contact springs in shipment and installation. It also guards against contamination ofcontacts during operation.

Offered pre- calibrated to predetermined specifications. The calibration stability is, however, very high since there is no element in these units which willshrink, grow or take a permanent set under normal operating conditions. And because the uniformity of the calibration curve depends primarily on the mechanical tolerances, it can be controlled withinclose limits.

The useful range for which the B-200 can be supplied is from room temperature 75o F to 600o F. On units specified as having an "off" position at extreme counterclockwise rotation,...
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