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  • Publicado : 20 de agosto de 2012
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The Screen-Print Industries Most Accurate, Easy-To-Use, and Highly Productive, Raster and Tonal Image Color Separation Software. On-Screen and On-Press: Accurate to a Tee!

Spot Process Separation Studio is the latest version of the industries FIRST, MOST ACCURATE and EASIEST TO USE tonal image, color separation software designed for screen-printers byscreen-printers. Making fast and easy work of high-end, raster/tonal image color separating revolutionized the industry in 1995 when Freehand Graphics, Inc. released Spot Process the Photoshop PlugIn. It has been widely accepted and proven as the best color separation engine and the company has been

recognized as delivering the best technical support to its users. From Freehand’s first softwarerelease in 1995 (plug-in) to this NEW version (stand alone application), user’s have been provided free, fully-functional trials as well as free technical support. Not every company can do this or is willing to. You have made the best choice in software and in the company that develops and supports it. Please enjoy the software and we wish you great business

What’s New!
Besides just about everything...Separation Studio is still driven by the acclaimed color algorithm that is Spot Process - resulting in the finest quality separations and press workflow available today. NOW, it’s surrounded by powerful tools and turbo charged redraw engine.

Channel Properties Window!
This Window allows the user to change everything from the channel name andcolor to press position in one easy window.

Dock-able and Lock-able Windows! Separate Files with Transparent Backgrounds!
Wow, now create only ONE master file and use that to create all your separations including the black channel. This allows you to customize your workspace.

Independent Background Layer!
Having an independent background layer (not saved as a spot color) means you will notaccidently print this Channel to film or have to manage it in your graphics program. No longer imported into the color palette as a useable spot color value.

Instant Screen Redraw! Variety of Editing Tools!
Lots of editing tools and selection tools so you can control every part of your image individually.

New dark interface eases eye strain!
Expand your Separation Studio user interface tofull screen and work with eye calming colored windows and menus.

NEW single file workflow!
Photoshop users can greatly reduce their workflow by creating a single file that will do all the separations for any print situation. Separation Studio now handles the background as an independent function within the program giving it control over transparent properties. 1. Create a TIF ( layered file)with a transparent background. When saving select "transparency" in the TIF options window (see pages 31 and 32). 2. Now you can use this one file to create your initial set of separations used for printing on a black garment and the same file to generate the black channel used to print on white and colored garments (just as you presently use a cropped image). Easy, fast and a great workflowenhancement!

Create and control your own textile, background and ink color sets! Open and work on multiple files! Ink and film views!
These views help the artist and production team make exact edits and decisions.

Multiple Window Views!
These views allow you to open the same Channel as see it 3 different ways - full color, just that Channel in its color an just that Channel in black and whitefilm view. Backgrounds can even be eliminated to view Channels on transparent backgrounds.

FREE Videos online for Separation Studio and much more!
Link to Separation Studio Specific Videos: Our Video Café is loaded with instructional and informational videos about this...
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