September 11th

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  • Publicado : 15 de febrero de 2012
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Why Osama Bin Laden made this attack against United States of America?

Ana Maria Manotas Rodriguez

Clermont School

Bogota DC

On September 11th 2001 occurred one of the major attacks in the history world. Osama Bin Laden attacked USA, to the World Trade Center. It happened at 9:59 am, when the first aircraft crashed the South Tower, and it burns during 54 minutesbecause of the flight 175. Then another aircraft crashed the North Tower at 10:58 am and it was in fire 102 minutes after the attack. The different buildings that were near of the World Trade Center were destroyed by the two different fires during that morning that the two airplanes caused.
Also that day, Bin Laden planned to destroy the Pentagon and the White House, but it did nothappen because the passengers took control of the airplanes and those crashed into the land, all the passengers died, but they are call nowadays like heroes, cause because of them the White House and the Pentagon were not destroy. One of the Pentagon’s pieces collapsed, because of the fire, but they reconstructed. That day 2999 people died, including the hijackers that were the differentpilots of the different aircrafts.
This attacked was planned by Osama Bin Laden, because he wanted to take revenge to the Americans, and also to Bush’s government, because he wanted to defend his people because Americans had been made them suffered a lot. After the attack the internationals flights were not allowed to landing on the country because of the attacks.
Because of thatday, there is more security in the different airports around the United States, cause the country was destroy on September 11th, and they has some precautions to prevent that it happens again. The attack has been considered to one of the worst attacks around the world in the human history, because of the deaths that it caused on September 11th of 2001.

November 30, 2010
Why OsamaBin Laden made this attack against United States of America?
The Islam culture was created in the 6th century in Arabia, and the early forms of Muslim were dominant. When the Islamic Empires expanded, the Muslims contacted it and they chose a little of bit of some other cultures, like Persian, Turkic, Mongol, Indian, Malay, Berber and Indonesian. Muslims live in a lot of countries, andfor them is very difficult to fill in another culture, because of the beliefs and their traditions. The Islamic beliefs include the Qur’anic; they are like the prayers and the others, the ones who are not part of Qur’anic, they’re part of the division of the Islamic world. The language that they talk is Arabic, Persian. The Arabic was the language that Muhammad’s communities talked inMecca. And the Persian language was the main language of the Muslim civilization, because most of the famous Muslim books were written in Persian.
There are known as the greatest of the Abraham Faiths. Like Judaism and Christianity, them believe in Jesus and Moses, the Torah and Gospel. And also they believe in the Ten Commandments. They also believe in angels, they believe in heavenand hell, and also the day of the judgment in which Jesus will return. The pray five times per day, they also pay the tax for the people who need the money. One of the famous man in this religion, was Osama Bin Laden.
Osama Bin laden was born on March 10 of 1957, hi is a member of the family Bin Laden, and is the principal man in the AlQaeda group. This group is the main grouprecognized in the attacks of September 11 of 2001. The whole attacks that he had been committed, has taken place in his family and their parents has disinherited him, because all of the people that has suffer because of his attacks.
Since 2001 Bin laden and his group have been the major target of the American us, and are one of the people that are into the list of the FBI main targets....
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