Sequence of man

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Sequence of man

Australopithecus is the oldest hominid known. Australopithecus means "South African ape" and estimated its age as much as 4 million years. His remains showed that these hominidswere more than a meter tall and your hips, legs and feet to appear more human than those of apes.
Homo, which appeared 2.5 million years ago and includes at least three species: Homo habilis, Homoerectus, Homo sapiens.

In its earliest manifestation is known as Homo habilis, and had a cranial capacity of 680 cm3 and its height reached the meters and 55 cms. Was robust, agile, walked upright andhad developed the capacity of their prehensile hands. He knew to use fire, but not produce it, and protected in caves. He lived to collect seeds, roots, fruits and occasionally ate meat
Homo sapienssapiens: dated between 50 000 and 40 000 BC.

The last period Maya

the Mayas of Yucatan and those of the Highlands and Pacific Coast were influenced by the peoples and migrants from highlandOaxaca area. These groups were driven in turn by the ancient peoples who left the southern part of the Mexican plateau when the ecological disaster made it impossible for agriculture there. In the south,established independent states, with cultural characteristics of Nahua descent. Among these groups were the Pipil, who settled on the coast of Guatemala and El Salvador.
However, the rivalry betweenthe elites of the region, just relaxed by the ephemeral presence Mayapán League, ended up ruining the great cities of Chichen Itza, Uxmal and many others, who were abandoned by their rulers.

Easter Island, Chile is an island located in Polynesia, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It has an area of 163.6 km ² and a population of 3,791 inhabitants, mainly concentrated in HangaRoa, existing capital and only town.
 The island is one of the major tourist destinations due to its natural beauty and its mysterious ancient culture of ethnic Rapa Nui, where the only traces...
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