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Serbia, the 28th member of Europe Union?

-How do feel the people in Belgrado about the last arrests of ex- militaries considerated war´s criminals for the internationalcommunity during the balcan´s war?
The support do they still receive from the country is a general feeling or just in smalls and specific areas?

- Are theyconsiderated criminal as well for the majority of Serbia?

-Do you think, and do you see, the next generation will thinks in different way that those old generals and the people whosupported the war?

-What advanceds do you see in your university, in your highschool or in the supermarket where you shopping aimed to the peace and reconcilation? Isthere some help from the international community aim to the peace, reconcilation and construction of democracy, human rights and a new state comitted with the europeanrequests of democracy and human rights?

-Can we still speak about two differents Serbia countries?(If the answer is yes, what differences are between them) and (if the answer isnot, when these two differents Serbians became only one?)

-What the serbian people think when they are asked about the integration in EU? Is there a common feeling aboutyes, go in, or not, keep away?

-The last incidents, on the border with Kosovo, how is lived in the country? Scare? Support? Indifference?

-Do you think Kosovo isabusing on his condition of “victim” of the war in front of the international community? Is your opinion the most common between your young friends?

- What do you and yourfamily, wish for the grow up of Serbia in the towards years? Europe? Peace and relations with Kosovo? Ex militaries between jails? Or whatever you want to say....
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