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The Art of Client Service
54 Things Every Advertising and Marketing Professional Should Know

by Robert Solomon Kaplan Publishing © 2003 192 pages

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• Successfuladvertising and PR account executives help their agencies and clients prosper. • To start successful client relationships, learn your client’s goals. • All projects require clients‘ complete approval on a realistic brand, budget, creative brief and deadline. • Good presentations hinge on strong openings, so know your opening cold. • Client presentations are as important as new businesspresentations. • Good account reps are a creative resource and serve as sales assistants on every client-based assignment. • Involve the entire team in presentations to show the depth of your agency’s talent, expertise and collaborative abilities. • Agendas frame discussions, so prepare a written meeting plan to focus on goals and content. • Client service executives gain credibility by confronting toughissues. • Develop strong client relationships that become lasting associations even if you lose the account.

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What You Will Learn In this Abstract, you will learn: 1) How to follow 54 rules that will make you a better account executive; 2) Why developing a personal style matters; and 3) How to build client relationships. Recommendation Following Robert Solomon’s 54 rules willturn your staff members into better account executives. Perhaps think of this list as making up a course on how to teach people to become better service representatives and build effective client relationships. Although some of the rules may seem arbitrary and redundant, others have plenty of merit. The rules suggest that account reps can improve by becoming better informed about clients’ sales,communications and customer goals; learning how to recommend the best media to accomplish clients’ strategies; doing homework to gain insight into clients’ industries and discovering new ways for clients to build their businesses. The rules go on to advise on precise skills, such as outlining successful client creative briefs. This short book suffers from its forced structure, but getAbstract saysthose who want to build their account rep skills will find it a handy checklist for helping clients in marketing, public relations, sales promotion, special events or advertising.

“Your job is to build bridges, not barriers.”

Be Exceptional The days when account people were merely messengers between a client and an agency handling advertising, marketing or public relations are longgone. Today, account executives are supposed to help agencies and clients become more prosperous. Account executives need good judgment, brand understanding and the ability to balance between the client and the agency. The best account reps know how to improve their agencies’ work and strengthen client relationships.
To excel as an account executive, consider these 54 pointers: 1. Learn to be...
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