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  • Publicado : 27 de noviembre de 2011
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Community service is a requirement to graduates, but if we teach students to care about the elders in the community this requirement will not be as hard to do for them. If the school starts a clubwhere students from 9th to 12th grade are required to take as an elective a class where they take students out and into an elders residence home. Students would help the more mature generations to feelbetter about themselves by doing their nails and make up. Most of the time our elders fall under the feelings of loneliness and depression, by taking students to spend some of their time with ourmature generations they will not feel like they are a burden to our society.
Our students will provide not only time, but a time that will be a benefit to the community. Our community values willgrow and become better. The club will be organized in different programs, which will include walks, beauty salon, band and choir performance, baking, and technology activities. These activities willhelp our more experience generations to become more involved with the modern society. The way our generation is being raised is a total different path than our elder’s; therefore, our ideas and mindsetting differ from theirs. Sense of community will increase in the younger generations and they will become aware of how their actions can make an impact in others life’s.
Students will rotatethrough the programs which will be happen once a week every week. The walking program will consist on a student taking an elder of the same gender out for a 15 minute walk. The beauty salon will helpelder ladies to feel beautiful by doing their nails, helping them brush their hair, and help them do their makeup. Band and choir performances will be open invitation to all our senior citizens. Thebaking program will teach elders to be independent, by teaching them how to bake quick and easy meals for themselves, that way they don’t have to depend on others to cook for them. Students will help...
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