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The history of public servants in our country goes back to the time of the Aztec Empire, where in that famous city called Tenochtitlan, became part of the political regime ofreligious, military and administrative, constantly evolving sticking the great development of its laws through a neat, efficient and honest performance of carrying out the government andadministrative work. Unlike today, at that time for the selection of any public, from Tlatoani until the last of them, the Aztecs took into account and was a condition "sine qua non", having the followingpersonal characteristics: a spirit of service, honesty, physical and intellectual capacity for the job to perform, have no vices, an interest in community improvement. Similarly, the Aztecs took greatimportance to the selection of persons who would govern the peace in your community, adjudicate disputes and litigation, ie, judges were noble persons of good character, rich, who were raised in themonasteries of Calmécac, prudent and wise, in short, the Aztecs always cared that their representatives were trained men.

In the colonial era in the management of public sector human resources not had ajob classification, ie was not defined as workers perform various functions. For the selection of any public servant was taken into account and was a prerequisite: being Spanish by birth, for the mostimportant positions, for example, to be viceroy, mayor, deputy, etc.; Creole only had access to minor posts in government. Learning or training of public servants of the colony was within thegovernment to empirically, not being systematic training as such.

During the independent Mexico was very difficult to implement an administrative system in a good way because at that time the society wasfully in the war and the independence struggle, in addition to the end this fight, the company was still too shaken by so sounded the power struggles of the time. At that time around Independence,...
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