Seventh billionth person

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  • Publicado : 18 de diciembre de 2011
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In the world we are seventh billion person and this number growing by more than 200,000 people a day.

Danica MayCamacho is the girl who was born on Sunday 30 October , one day before that calculation of United Nations . United Nations calculated that seventhbillionth person had be born on Monday 31 October. She was born in a public hospital in Manila, Philippines. Her parents are Florante Camacho and CamilleDalura.

Dany May Camacho will receive a scholarship and a lot of money as a result that she is the seventh billionth person. Many people aredisagree because this isn't fair, they say that she is a normal person and she isn't more deserving of this scholarship than anyone else.

A curiosity:in 12 years the population have growing 1 billionth person, we know this because Adnan Nevic was born in 1999 in yugoslavia, the same place where fivebillionth baby was born.

Adnan Nevic is 12 years old and he is a dreamer, he want be a good pilot and travel around the world.

Nowadays thereare persons in the world. If you want know what's your number you can use this web page: A very interesting web with the number of all persons in the world.

If the calculation of ONU are true in 2050 there could be16 billion people on the planet. And in the future the cause of the wars will be the food. We can't know if this conclusion is true but is very likely.