Sex education in canada

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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2011
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Recently in one of the poorest and religious part in Mexico, a girl got pregnant when she just turned 16. When people asked her why didn’t she use any protection she answered that she had taken anaspirin before the intercourse. Because of her lack of knowledge and the untrue information she had received before she thought aspirin was worked as a contraception pill. Like in Mexico, sex educationis a big issue in USA. There are three types of sex education that are taught in schools in the US: Abstinence Only (AO), Abstinence Plus (A+) and Comprehensive (COMP). Of these three, COMP is abetter approach because it is more realistic and it is aware about teens having sex younger than before, it is not guided by religion and students have more information about contraception.
Abstinencebased sex programs are divided in two types: Abstinence Only (AO) and Abstinence Plus (A+). These two types of sex education agree that the only way to avoid any kind of sexual disease or unexpectedpregnancy is by not having sex or at least not having sex until marriage. Students in these classes are taught that they should not have sex before marriage. Both kinds of sex education have a strongreligious background and the students are taught based on what their faith says. Virginity pledges, a promise of students to not have sex until they are married, is something common in AO and sometimesstudents use things like rings to remind themselves that they have made a pact. An AO program is stricter and they hardly speak about contraception methods, but when they do they talk about theirineffectiveness and sometimes even give inaccurate information overstating its failures. A+ is a derivation of AO. In this class students are taught on the same basis that they should wait until marriageto have sex. But with the difference that they are also provided with information about contraception methods and how these can be used so they can be protected in case they don’t wait.
Besides AO...
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