Sexism in guayaquil

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  • Publicado : 4 de septiembre de 2012
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Juan Diego Del Pozo Maruri
Sexism in Guayaquil.

In today's society there are different types of abuse. Generally when talking about the abuse we immediately think of physicalattacks that could range from verbal abuse to physical. But this article will be focusing more on the abuse of women, or also called, sexism. Do you know the severity of sexism in Guayaquil? Sexism is amajor problem in Guayaquil society. Every year percentage of domestic violence and sexual abuse of women rise, and the government doesn’t give the support it should, and with a well structured campaign,an improvement of social services, and stricter laws and punishments, this should be fixed.

According to the newspaper HOY, during the nine months of this year, the Commission forWomen and Family, in Guayaquil, has receipted a 35% increase of reported domestic violence over the same period of 2010. From January to September 2011, the police reported 13,693 complaints.To Beatriz Bordes, director of the Fundation María Guare, the statistics are alarming and indicate that domestic violence crimes are increasing due to the lack of policies and programs thatprovide social and psychological assistance to those affected.

The mayor Juan Carlos Rosas, head of the Department of Family Violence of Guayas Police, said the most extreme cases ofabuse against women and ending in murder, now established as femicide, are the result of not reporting on time to the aggressor. "Many women victims of violence within the home do not report, or if theydo, then give up for fear," said the officer. This specialized unit of the Police investigate an average of 1 000 reports of domestic violence per month in Guayas. Complaints are forwarded from thefour Commission’s of Women and Family in the province. Rosas suggests that, of all complaints, 60% were physical abuse within the home. Among the complaints, many are of sexual abuse. Of these, those...
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