Sexism, racism

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  • Publicado : 20 de marzo de 2011
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Sexism, racism, classism.
In prison, women are seen as bad wives, mothers, and daughters. They are primarily poor and dark skinned.
After WWII, residential patterns began to change and reshapemajor metropolitan areas by the 1970s. The poorest were left behind in sections of urban areas that became slums of despair.
These people had few skills, erratic work habits, and high welfare rates,and their neighborhoods were characterized by residential instability, poverty, and crime. Blue collared jobs disappeared, leaving few opportunities for people that didn’t receive appropriateeducation, experience, transportation, or computer access. 1980- crack. Cheap, quick and was turned to as a quick way to make money. Images of mothers having sex with their babies on their back appearedeverywhere, making it easier for society to dehumanize those they thought were radically different. (4)
1970s, with the women’s liberation in the US, women’s attitudes about their rights andopportunities had changed dramatically, and they began to see themselves increasingly equal to men and determine to do everything that men did. Punishment, which was originally assigned to men, was increasinglybeing seen as appropriate for women, and African American women have always received harsher punishment than white women. Also, during this time, more woman headed houses as divorce rate and out ofwedlock births increased. Raising children alone with minimum resources and is daunting and stressful. Used illicit drugs to cope. When women become victims of abuse and as overlooked because they arefemale inmates, this erodes the woman’s self esteem and envelopes her in fear and hopelessness.
Model Woman – Dark skinned, poor, unskilled mothers who are incarcerated for low level drug involvement.Abused by men. Complex collection of mental health and medical conditions. We know less about Hispanic women, and even less about Native American and Asian women who are incarcerated
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