Sexual discrimination

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  • Publicado : 22 de septiembre de 2010
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This document explores three published articles that report on results from researched victimization of sexual minorities from the point of view of sexism and heterosexim that the LGBTcommunity (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transexual community) suffers and its development. The articles, however vary in the ages, and schooling grade they treat for their researches; Bishop, Holly N., Caraway,Chadwick, and Stader, David L. (2010) use teachers for their research, meanwhile Chesir-Teran, Daniel and Hughes, Diane (2009) use High School Students for theirs, and Friedman, Carly; Leaper,Campbell (2010) uses College Women. Other articles uses the terminology sexism and heterosexism in a very different way, and therefore, offer different results. This document, also examine the way that theLGBT community interact with the world, and how they are integrated to the society.
Keywords: LGBT Community. Sexism, Heterosexism

Sexual Discrimination and the Complications that the LGBTCommunity experiment at School and Work
Numerous studies have been conducted on various facets of the LGBT Community, focusing on the levels of intimacy, discrimination, victimization, development,and the origin of this sexual orientation. However, contradictory results are suggested within this research, mostly, because only certain aspects of the Sexual Orientation can be investigated, forexample, the origin or development only.
Let’s get to the point where I get to explain what sexism is:
“In any language you speak it shows a society's attitude towards a person’s socialstatus, sex and occupation. The way a woman is spoken about is much different than the way we would speak about men. For example, if a women is married she is referred to as Mrs. And if she isn'tmarried she is called Miss. But whether a man is married or not he always carries the title Mr. Which doesn't allow us to know if a man is married or not.
There are also many job titles that are sexist...
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