Sexuality in "romeo and juliet"

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In this essay, I have chosen to explain how the sexuality in the play of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare represents something really new for the models described until then.
We could easily understand the way in which Shakespeare conceives the theme of sexuality if we associate it to the female protagonist of this play. Indeed the innovation and the newness that the author brings tothis argument is especially valid as far the conception of the woman concerns. The character of Juliet, as well as Lady Macbeth in Macbeth, differs from the idea of the submissive and obedient woman that was typical for that time. So we can say that Shakespearean theatre created a new model of woman. The female characters of his works broke the rules of conduct of sex determination . Femalecharacters, in Shakespeare’s plays contribute to give us the idea of transgression to the common sense of sexuality and erotic desire. The female characters in Shakespeare contribute to free the eroticism.
As far as the play of Romeo and Juliet, the sexuality that we find in it definitely goes against the conception of sex in the sixteenth century, and, as a consequence, it goes against the rules of thepatriarchal domination, because the female character represents a new way to consider women, usually seen, in that time, as submissive to men. In this play Juliet is the one who transgress the patriarchal rules. Nevertheless we could properly say that she accepts and refuses them at the same time, because she first becomes the bride that her father wants her to be, then she chooses her real ownlove. Therefore, by following her desire and being faithful to it, she will be willing to do anything, even to play with her own death.
Juliet owns very excellent abilities to stage: she can cover her true love by showing submission and obedience to her father and plan her marriage with Romeo at the same time. She challenges openly the paternal law, and, with her backs to the wall, she breaks it.As we said before, at the beginning Juliet preserves her sexual honor and becomes a bride, but then her role of ideal bride fails: rather than respecting the rules of the female chastity and the silent obedience to her father planes, she prefers to act as a real heroine, following the opposite path and acquiring typical male prerogatives in order to gain her own independence. The fight ofJuliet, the strength by which she defends her own values and her loyalty evoke male characteristics.
The ballroom scene, in which the two protagonists fall in love, can be seen as an instance of social equalization between the genders. In fact we clearly see a girl who seduces, court actively and subjugate the man that she desires. Moreover she has got her own voice: she expresses her erotic desireand declares herself unsatisfied by the way in which her boyfriend kisses her. She confesses and steps forward before she knows to be chosen by the boy she has just fallen in love with; in other words she chooses before being chosen. This is definitely something that breaks the traditional rules, according to which the women could not be the first to express their love.
The passion of the twolovers is unbridled and tragic at the same time; its maximum intensity is death, and Juliet is the singular heroine of this wild and deep love. On the contrary the love of Romeo loses this quality of being unique as we already know about his vocation of a lover. Romeo seems to be more in love with love itself than with his lover. The words of love that he says about Rosalind appear to be verysimilar to the ones contained in his declaration of love for Juliet. Thereby the passion of Juliet results to be very more authentic, honest and wise than the one of Romeo. The declaration of her love only refers to Romeo, it has not two referents as his lover’s one; her words have not duplicity and they are definitely faithful. Actually this kind of love, as a value between noble people, could be...
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