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Sexuality In Colombia

* Help the teens to relax about the topic and view sex as a natural part of life.


Adolescence is a time when sexuality is surfacing in boys and girls.It is almost impossible to protect your teen from getting her heart broken. Stress can arise when parents or friends don't like her boyfriend or relationships go bad. Confusion can be a problem whenyour teen is trying to sort through sexual urges, outside influences and sexual preference. Many times, teens will experiment with partners of the same sex, but it doesn't always mean they are gay orbisexual. However, this is the time when many teens figure out their sexual orientation and will seek encouragement, understanding and love from their parents.


The stats are clear. Morethan 80 per cent of Colombians have their first sexual intercourse as teenagers. It's a major step into adulthood and one that a teen should feel comfortable discussing with his parents. But few dofeel comfortable. Many kids even say they're reluctant because their parents are too serious about sex or take too long to answer their questions. They also complain that parents don't talk about theassociated feelings. Most parents do talk about all the frightening negatives - the dangers of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD), the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy, and the pain ofbeing abandoned by someone you thought loved you.

For many parents, adolescent sexuality is a highly charged emotional issue. Despite the statistics, most parents have difficulty acknowledging theemerging sexuality that accompanies their teen's increasing independence of thought and action. As parents, you can't control your teen's behaviour and you can't preserve her from all the risksinherent in taking on more adult roles. Most parents know that the majority of teenagers move from kissing to more intimate sexual behaviours, then to intercourse. But if you don't talk about sexual...
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