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Name: _ ___________ Date: August 20, 2010
The House On Mango Street-Summer Reading Test Group___11A___
Answer each question with complete sentences. Points will be deducted for answers that are incomplete (fragments). Each question is worth five points.
“The House on Mango Street”
1. How many members of the family moved to Mango Street? Who were they?
6 members of the familymoved to Mango Street & they were Nenny, Kiki, Carlos, Esperanza, Mama & Papa.

2. What makes her mother’s hair special? What are the narrator’s feelings for her mother?
Her mother’s hair is special because I think the narrator (Esperanza) feels safe in it, and I think that with the way she describes her mother’s hair are things that she likes, like bread and the smell whenshe makes room for you on her side of the bed. Esperanza has strong feelings for her mother, she feels like “devoted” for her, like her mom is her everything; she talks about her mom like a little kid giving emphasis to a superhero.

“Boys & Girls”
3. What does the narrator say about the relationship between boys and girls? What evidence does she provide to support this idea?
Thenarrator says about the relationship between boys & girls that we live in separate worlds. And she uses her brother and her sister Nenny to support the idea previously stated, she explains that inside the house everything is cool but outside the house boys can’t be seen talking to girls or vice versa.

"My Name"
4. In the story "My Name," the young girl’s name in English means__HOPE__ and in Spanish it means too many letters; sadness & waiting.

5. How does she describe her great grandmother?

Esperanza describes her great grandmother like a horse of a woman, a strong one.

"Cathy Queen of Cats"
6. How does Cathy identify herself?

Cathy identifies herself like the great great cousin of the queen of France.

"Our Good Day"
7. There aretwo reasons for the five-dollar request. What are the reasons?

The two reasons for the five-dollar request was, give me five bucks and I’ll be your friend for ever; and the second one was to buy a bicycle.

8. Their ride was fast and faster. What happened along the way?
Along the way they past Esperanza’s house & past crumbly places; they past Mr. Benny’s grocery store and downthe avenue; they also past the Laundromat, junk store, drugstore, cars & around the block back to Mango Street.

9. How are Nenny and Esperanza alike?

Nenny and Esperanza have in common their laughter, that is like a pile of dishes breaking and also sometimes they think the same kind of stuff.

10. What did the houses represent to Esperanza? Whoagreed with her and what does this show?

The houses represent to Esperanza the past because it reminded her of her old house in Mexico and her sister Nenny agreed with her showing that sometimes they do have things in common like their thoughts.

“Gil’s Furniture Bought and Sold”
11. What literary devices are used to describe the music from the music box?

In the book theliterary device that describes the music is metaphor.

12. Why does Esperanza pretend she doesn’t care about the music box?

Esperanza pretended that she doesn’t like the music box so Nenny won’t see how stupid she is.

“Meme Ortiz”
13. Esperanza tells us that Meme moved into Cathy's house. What is Meme's other name? Meme has a pet. What is the pet's name? How doesEsperanza describe the pet?

Meme’s other name is Juan and he has a sheepdog that has two names, one in Spanish and one in English but doesn’t mention it, and she describes it big, like a man dressed in a dog suit and runs the same way its owner does, clumsy and wild like untied shoes.

“Louie, His Cousin, and His Other Cousin”
14. In "Louie…” we discover that he and his family members are...
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