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• Biography
He was born on 26th of April 1564 according the Julian calendar in Stratford-upon-Avon.
He was an English dramatist, poet and actor. Shakespeare is considerate the most important writerin the English language and one of the most famous in the world.
He was the third of eight sons of John Shakespeare & Mary Arden.
Probably, he studied at the King’s New School in Stratford, butthey didn’t go to the university. When he was 18 he get married with Anne Hathaway on November 1982. On 26th of May 1983 was born his first, Susan. In 1585 were born two twins, Hamnet & Judith and Hamnetdied when he was eleven. In 1592 he went to London for work as an actor, and he was known as an author. He was very important in the group “The Lord Chamberlain’s Men”. Then, he continued writingword until 1613.
He died on 23rd of April 1616 according the Julian calendar.

• Works
Shakespeare wrote his works between 1592 & 1613. The want used the works in the theatre.
Because thecompetence between the different theatres in the Elizabethan era in London, the authors didn’t want that other author copy their works and they don’t edit the works. As a result, probably, Shakespeare didn’trevise the works and because of this many works have errors in the printing, words, sentences …
Some of the most important works of Shakespeare are:
- Romeo & Juliet: Is a tragedy of five acts inverse and prose. Tells the history of two young lovers. The family of the two young lovers doesn’t like this relationship but they fight for their love and they get married. But finally they suicide.Nowadays, this relationship is the arquetype of the called “Star-crossed lovers”.
- Hamlet: Is a tragedy of five acts in verse and prose. Is probably the most important piece of theatre of theoccidental culture and one of the most criticated works. It was written between 1599 & 1601. The history passes in Denmark and tells the history of the prince Hamlet that he want avenge the murder of his...
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