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Talking about famous writers, we can’t forget about Shakespeare. Not only for
his plays but for his way and peculiar style of writing. The last Thursday September 16,
2010 wewent to a trip to the Center of beauty arts in Carolina, to appreciate a play
dedicated in honor to one of the greatest writers ever exist, Shakespeare. In the event
we were ableto appreciate three tragedy plays from Shakespeare that are Romeo and
Juliet, Hamlet and last but not least Macbeth. I can say that each one of them has a
unique style ofdevelopment.

In Romeo and Juliet we can see how love goes deep in each individual soul
confronting all obstacle and cultures that wanted them to separate. Tragedy cannot hide
fromthe Hamlet play. Compared to the other two this one, was the cruel and sad play,
because at last, not even all they had passed through they all day. Everything was to
myliking. Macbeth I would say that is more about mystical powers involving people to
do what they really not wanted to, and all that mythology about an underworld. This one
was the one Idon’t like the most due to the structure of powers and mythology it was
developed. The best way to describe the plays is: star-crossed lovers
of Romeo and Juliet, themadness and vengeance of Hamlet, and the corrupting lust for
power of Macbeth 

From the three plays sawed, I would change Macbeth not the structure in it but
the way they acted. Itwould impress more if they act more actively not monotone all
they play long. In general I can say that the play was incredible and well organized but
they need to improve themethod of entertainment. The play is enough long for
someone to get bored, so some jokes doesn’t kill anybody. Despite those details the
rest of the play was incredible professional.
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