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Shantaram Exam
7. Slave market: this was near the slums, this was a place with a terrible appearance made up by old stones, people who live here were children that survive from natural disasters andhave been taken by these bad people to take economical advantage from them, treating and selling them as if they weren’t humans. In the entrance it was a big men that take care anybody escapes fromthere. Lin s action was being surprised and impact by looking these horrible place, but at the same time she understands what those people who were like prisoners were feeling, because she has livesomething similar when she was in jail.
8. The image of life I have is that slums live in a place full of things, like buildings, little markets, and others, with a lot of people walking anywhere likeif they were robots, just thinking in their own benefits, just children running and playing by the little streets, there isn’t place enough for cars transiting streets, women with large dresses anddifferent kinds of colors rounding away. Finally people buying cheapest things in every single market, such as: fruits, vegetables and others.
9. People in the slums, this people have bad smells likewed with garbage at the same time, the slums were full of people, women dressing in a special way but men dress with anything they wanted. Every single person here was like in an accelerated liferunning and walking in the streets in a huge quantity. Slums are very workers persons and really imperatives, that’s why we observe when the author describe these streets full of people.
10. Ulla: apretty girl with blue eyes, she was small tight, white skin, blond hair and at that same time she inspires cuteness, but she’s a horse.
11. Behavior of Indian people before the train: Indian people actlike animals pushing others to take a place, so we can observe that what people say about their friendship behavior in that case wasn’t taking into account, because they prefers their commodity above...
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