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The hunchback of Notre Dame

-TITLE: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

-AUTHOR (and the years of birth and death, Ex: (1845- 1616).

-GENRE: Fiction

-STYLE- Fiction: romantic

-THEME: To lookbeyond the looks, don´t judge the book by its cover, find the beauty of each attribute

-SETTING: Medieval Paris


-POINT OF VIEW- Mention if the book is narrated in FirstPerson, Third Person (omniscient narrator), or Limited 3rd Person point of view (it is in 3rd person but the narrator is not omniscient because he ignores some things).


• MAIN:Quasimodo: abandoned child left at Notre Dame and adopted by Claude Frollo

Archdeacon Claude Frollo: priest at Notre Dame

La Esmerelda: she is a street dancer of belly dancePierre Gringoire: Esmeralda agrees to marry him , then he wants to drop Esmeralda to the authorities (dynamic)

Phoebus de Chateaupers: Tries to seduce Esmeralda

• SECONDARY:Sister Gudule: Lost mother of Esmeralda

Jehan Frollo: Brother of Claude Frollo, Quasimodo kills him

Clopin Trouillefou: King of the vagabonds

Louis XI: Monarch whoorders the execution of Esmeralda

Djali : Esmeraldas pet

-PLOT (setup): MAIN CONFLICT AND SUMMARY- Explain what the main conflict is: the central idea around which the story develops. Thenwrite a summary that includes the main events in the story but without all the details. **DON’T SAY HOW IT ENDS YET ( save that for the climax and resolution).

-CLIMAX: it takes place whenQuasimodo realizes he has lost Esmeralda , and he later kills Frollo.

-RESOLUTION- It is the ending of the story: a description of what happens after the climax and how everything turns out to be at theend.

-PERSONAL OPINION- Write what you think of the story, the author, his/her style, etc. You can complete your opinion by asking yourself a series of questions:

Did you enjoy the book? Was it...
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