Share price analysis for kingspan group plc

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  • Publicado : 1 de diciembre de 2010
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Share price analysis for Kingspan Group PLC

The company is present on both Irish and London stock exchanges. At 21st October 2010 the company’s share price on Irish Stock Exchange was of EUR 6.15,with a volume of 40,168 shares; the day started with a share price of EUR6.16, and it ended having recorded the lowest price of EUR 6.08 and the highest of EUR 6.20.
While, on the London StockExchange the company’s share price was of EUR 6.20, with a volume of 30,798 shares. The minimum and maximum prices during the day were, respectively, EUR 5.93 and EUR 6.25.
The present trend seems to bepositive. Shares’ prices started growing continuously from the last days of August, after a huge fall. In either way, we need to analyze the events happened along the year in order to understand thereality behind those prices and its future evolution.

Focusing in the Irish Stock Exchange, the prices of the shares were characterised by a considerable fluctuation during the last 12 monthsreaching a minimum of EUR 5 and maximum EUR 7.45 per share.
We aim to understand, through the news reported by the company, the reason for the major changes in the expectations of shareholders and why thoseresultant ups and downs in the prices have occurred.
The key dates that are important to analyze are those explained below:

• From January 2009 to March 2009:
The minimum price has been reachedon late February. It started going down on the beginning of the second half of January. On 14 January Kingspan announced that the results of the last year would be presented on 1 March 2010.
Theevolution of the prices from this announcement reflected exactly the negative expectations of the shareholders, who began to sell their shares in mass quantities; it caused a pronounced fall of the pricewhich is reflected in the chart.
However, when those results -of the year ended on 31 December 2009- were submitted, the trend of the prices’ evolution changed. Despite of the hostile economic...
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