Share windows xp guest internet connection with os x host ho wto

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Share Windows XP Guest Internet Connection with OS X Host HOWTO

Sometime Users may find themselves in a position that they need to share the Windows XP Guest Virtual Machine’s Internet Connection with the Mac OS X Host and this document will show one of the ways it can be accomplished.

Requirements OS X 10.4.9 or Higher VMware Fusion 1.0 or Higher Microsoft Windows XP SP2 VMware FusionVirtual Machine Internet Connectivity from within the XP Guest Virtual Machine. Active* Network Connection in OS X Host. * This does not mean an existing active connection to the Internet on the Host as if this were the case then this document would not be necessary. This means that there must be an Active Link Status on either the OS X Built-in Ethernet or AirPort. On a PC Notebook I use to use aRJ-45 Loopback Adapter to establish an Active Link Status for VMware Workstation however on my MacBook Pro this approach did not work and if a LAN was not present, then how to establish a active link status with just the MacBook Pro became the question and the answer was quite simple. Use the AirPort to create a Computer-to-Computer Network. If your computer is not connected to a Local Area Networkor a Network Device that by being connected provides Active Link Status and your Mac computer has an AirPort then this is very simple.

Step 1: Establish Active Link Status on the Mac OS X Host.
Note: If a RJ-45 Loopback Adapter works for you or if your computer is already connected to a network device such as a switch, hub, router or external WiFi network and none of which are providingInternet access this will also provide the active link status for VMware Fusion Virtual Network’s Bridged Mode to function as needed to accomplish this task and you may proceed to Step 2.

Using the AirPort establish a Computer-to-Computer Network Click the AirPort icon on the Menu bar and select Create Network...
icon is not on the Menu bar then you can add it by

Note: If the AirPort

clicking >System Preferences... > Internet & Network > Network and check the “Show AirPort status in menu bar” check box.

The Computer-to-Computer dialog box will appear and then click the Show Options button to choose between 40-bit and 128-bit WEP Encryption. Although not absolutely necessary none-the-less it is a good security measure and is highly recommended even if all Sharing Services are turnedoff and the Firewall is turned on. Security in Layers is always a good Protocol!

Share Windows XP Guest Internet Connection with OS X Host HOWTO ~ By WoodyZ

Version 1.00


January 6, 2008


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With a Computer-to-Computer Network established the AirPort icon on the Menu bar will show as: Mac OS X Host Active Link Status has now been established.

Step 2: ConfigureWindows XP VM Guest’s Network

The VM must have a Network Adapter that is set to Bridged. By default the VM’s Network is set to NAT so be sure to change it to Bridged before you start the Virtual Machine. Although it can be changed while running it requires extra steps for the virtual hardware to properly communicate with the Host if the change is made while running. The Virtual Machines SettingsNetwork Sheet should look like this.

The sheet above is reachable via VMware Fusion menu bar > Virtual Machine > Settings

In the following example the Windows XP Virtual Machine’s Internet Connectivity will be provided by way of the Belkin 54g WiFi USB Network
Share Windows XP Guest Internet Connection with OS X Host HOWTO ~ By WoodyZ Version 1.00 January 6, 2008 2 of 4

Adapter howeverany Device that Internet Connection Sharing can be enabled on should work with these simple basic directions. In the XP Guest VM under Network Connections there will be two devices.
(Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections)

1. Local Area Connection - VMware Accelerated AMD PCNet Adapter 2. Wireless Network Connection - Belkin 54g Wireless USB Network...
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