Sherlock holmes and the strange mr. angel

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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2010
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“Sherlock Holmes and the strange Mr. Angel”
The story took place in Baker Street, Holmes´s house. A young woman, Miss Mary Sutherland, wantedHolmes´s help to find a man. First she told to Sherlock Holmes that she can pay he with the money from her typing and she received one hundredpounds that came from her uncle in Zealand. Her mother got married with a man, Mr. Windibank, that was very young for her mother, and he didn’tlet her mother and she to go to parties, but one time, when Mr. Windibank went to France, they went to a dance where she met Mr. Hosmer Angel. Hewas a very mysterious, but he visited her when her father was traveling. And one day he said to her that it doesn’t matter what happens, hewill always love her.
One day, Mr. Angel purposed Miss Sutherland to married with him and she said yes. They would get married the next day butMr. Angel never arrived to the church. He sent letters to Miss Sutherland, and she gave four of them to Sherlock Holmes. He read them and henoticed the e was more black than the other ones, and the r is incomplete.
Sherlock Holmes called Mr. Windibank and he discovered that thetypewriter was the same that Mr. Angel used to type the letters to Miss Sutherland and that Mr. Windibank and Mr. Angel never been in the same place atthe same time together.
So Sherlock Holmes decided not to tell Miss Sutherland the truth because she loves Mr. Angel and will wait for him.
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