Sherlock holmes chapter 1 and 2

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s histories about the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his BF, Dr. Watson are amazing, I mean…I don’t even read the story but I think it’s going to befantastic. Well when Dr. Watson died, he left behind a locked box, when it was opened; it contained a lot of freaking papers that said that Watson was lying or that he was really crazy, I don’t thinkso. What about you?


Dr. Watson tells the story:

He had a really good friend, also doctor, ACD, WHEN Watson started to tell him about Sherlock, ACD was very interested because hewanted to be a writer and what better than one of Sherlock Holmes cases?

When Watson told this situation about the book to Sherlock, well, I don’t know he wasn’t happy, as a matter of fact, he wasdisappointed or something like that. He started asking if a writer like that could be seriously interested in one of his cases, if he known the difference between facts and lies.

When the book wasfinally at libraries. Watson ran to buy it and show it to Holmes, but when that happened, Holmes was actually really rude, he said that he was sorry for all ACD’s patients.

Then ACD started to...
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