Sherlock holmes

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  • Publicado : 5 de junio de 2011
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Watson was living with his friend Sherlock Holmes when a woman knoked in the door.

She looked unhappy, and her hair was grey but she wasthirty, because she was so afraid.

She began to tell her story:

-I live whith my stepfather Dr Grimesby near a village in the country.Now hisfamily is very rich thanks to my mother´s money, but when he was born their were very poor.He went out to India to studied to be a doctor snd he meetmy mother when my sister and I were young.

-He´s a very violent man, in Indian he killed a his servant because he has got angry, my mother wasdead 8 years ago. He fights with thr people from the village he has wild Indians animal in the garden and there are many gipsies too.

-Wehavn´t got servants because their´re many afraid, and we have to do the housework in the house.

-My sister died two years ago she was young she meta man and she was to marry with him. Wen she died was terrible time.

First there is the stepfhather´s room near him is the sister´s room andnear is my bedroom.

The windows are in the garden. She ask me:

-Have your ever heared a whistle in the middle of the night?

I don´t hearedthis, but now yes.

Suddenly I heared a womas scream and a metalic sund and a whistle and Julia said:

-It was the band! The speckler band!.The police couldn´t understand why did she dead.

Holmes said:

-If we go to your house today, but your stepfather can´t know this.