Sherlock holmes

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Sherlock Holmes, the detective great. He is an intelligent, daring, intuitive man. It’s strategy to analyze and solve problems can help people with problems in the real world.The strategy is basically Holmes of observation and deduction, which shows you where to look and who you want to look specifically, he sees the details. He is a voluble man; eccentric in his studies(he has lots of little current knowledge, as much information about the criminalist history). He interested the case of blue diamond stolen from the countess of morcar’s, and finds the real thief.Holmes is tall a thin man. He is thirty or fourty years old. Holmes wears a neat heavy black cloth coat, a confortable dark brown cloth suit, a neat long-sleeved white polyester shirt, a neatdark brown leather shoes, a black magnifying glass, a confortable light brown leather hat, and coat when it’s cold, and a black smokes. Sherlock Holmes can look very different when he wants, forexample can dress so old and nobody noticed his true identity. He plays music in his free time. He lives in Baker Street in London with his housekeeper Mrs Hudson. Sherlock Holmes can to perceive thesmallest detail, to make the most complicated inferences and draw the most unexpected findings. He is very intelligent so much that offends the slightest ignorance on any matter.

The case of bluediamond, is very interesting for Sherlock Holmes since the doorman gave blue Diamond, then he started on this case. This case is important because loss of diamond from the bedroom of the Countess is amystery. Some blame the repairer of windows, but Sherlock Holmes analyzes the case and states that he could not steal the diamond. Holmes questions where is the goose? What the blue diamond get thegoose? Along with Watson investigates the case, searching for clues and consultation on the geese to know where it comes from the theft. Finally give the real thief and the offender knows his fault...
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