Shine shoes

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  • Publicado : 9 de diciembre de 2010
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“Child labor is a global problem , only who live it know how painful it is”.
My name is Mauricio , actually I have 16 years old, I born in to a humble family withlimited resources in Loja ,Ecuador . We were a happy family until my dad lost his job and fell into the alcoholism , cause of his alcoholism doctors diagnosed cancer and when I was 7 yeas old he died ,all we could inherit from him was many debts that he left , my mom worked washing clothes of wealthy people , while I cared from my cousins , after a few years , my mother decide to marry again , atfirst everything seemed fine but my stepfather began maltreat me , he hated me because I wasn’t his son. After 3 months my stepfather bought me a box with all the accessories necessary for workshining shoes .
Since that day I receive no education or medical care ,sometimes I dream that I walk in the park and play with other children, and I have a million toys, but the chill of the street wakesup me and hit me with reality, my days are extremely hard , my house was in the countryside and to reach at the city I had to take a bus but as my stepfather doesn’t gave me money I had to get upmuch earlier and walk to the city ,I had 2 jobs my first job started at 6:00 am the work was to distribute newspaper in the main city park ,after 8:00am to 6:00pm I worked shining shoes.
I had noholidays because my stepfather forced me to work everyday. It s awkward to work because people don’t respect our work and don’t understand the reasons why we re working , when people see children likeme on the street they thinks we are lazy children who doesn’t like attend school but the reality is that our own family force us to work and earn a meal and a place to sleep ,our salary Is not enough, for every pair of shoes cleaned the pay us 15 to 25cts/, and that doesn’t help us much , some times we don’t collect enough money to lunch so we had to go at the bus station to beg or ask for...
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