Sholdn students have to wear uniforms

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Should Schools let Students wear whatever they want to at Schools?

School uniforms are a major point ofdiscussion in public schools today. Many schools have already adopted an own policy of school uniforms, and many more schools are thinking about it. In Costa Rica the M.E.P. is the mandatory who forcepublic schools to use uniforms.
The great debate in our country continues and here’s no definitive answer yet, and as entirely depends upon the persons beliefs. There are benefits for some childrenwho wear uniforms and disadvantages to others. Also there are many benefits that can come out of the requirement of uniforms in schools. Many parents and teachers want their children and students towear uniforms to school. On the other hand many, if not all students believe they should have a choice on whether or not uniforms should be worn. The parents and students have many reasons as to whyand why not the uniform should be required in public schools.
The main reason schools in America choose not to allow their students to wear their own clothes is because of the gangs. Having a uniformstops gang members from displaying their colors and garb. School uniforms greatly benefit both the students and faculty by creating an atmosphere in which the students are able to get the most out oftheir education.
The schools also believe it helps stop violence and helps instill a sense of pride in the students. They would encourage more concentration on studies and a sense of security in theschool. One father of family say: “Uniforms would also reduce drugs and violence in
schools.” But, Uniforms helps to decrease the drug traffic and problems with the attitude of the students?Increase the fact of student’s efficiency? According to The Journal of Educational Research, it’s probably not.
Personally, I don’t have any problem with scholar uniforms. I don’t think that it helps to...
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