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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2012
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Many people believe that the shopaholism doesn’t exist, but this is an addiction almost like
alcoholism. When people go to the mall, and come back with a bunch of shoppingbags, they realized
that they are forming an addiction to shop. Oniomania is the formal name of shopaholism, investigating
this sickness we can know the reasons for excessive shopping and how tokeep it under control.

Oniomania; according with Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ( is the technical term for
the compulsive desire to shop, more commonly referred to ascompulsive shopping, shopping
addiction, shopaholism, compulsive buying or CB. All of these are considered to be either clinical
addictions or impulse control disorders, depending on the clinical source.if you feel any of this disorders
when you buy, be careful because you can have this sickness, and it will be better if you know it before it
is too late.

Reasons for excessive shoppingvary from wanting to keep up with friends or fashion to simply
cheering oneself up. But dysfunctional shopping behavior can easily get out of control. Like alcoholism,
notes (Chicago psychoanalystRobert Galatzer-Levy), compulsive shopping represents a case of "the
ordinary pleasures of living getting out of hand." Just as nearly every alcoholic starts out as a social
drinker, a shoppingaddict starts out as a recreational shopper -- bringing a little color into a gray day by
picking up a pair (or three) of shoes. This is the ugly truth, so if you can face it, don’t go shopping and tryto satisfy your necessities with something else.

If you want to Keep Your Shopaholism Under Control try to buy online. According with (
Shopping online is not nearly theinvestment in time and effort that going to a retail store can be. But
When you shop online, you can take advantage of the discounts featured by These
discounts can save you up to 75...
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