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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2010
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Marcela: hello, how are you?
Carolina: hello well thanks and you?
Marcela: well I called to see if you could go shopping with me
Carolina: if weare in the mall at 3:00
Marcela: Good afternoon, what price are these tennis?
Leandro: Good afternoon, these tennis cost 80 dollars is a very good qualityCarolina: what price has this jean?
Angie: its price is 40 dollars
Carolina: and brand is it??
Angie: levis and is a latest collection is
Marcela: ok, I'll take, and Ican show the divers are selling
Leandro: look I have this French brand is worth 80 dollars you
Carolina :I get the clothes ready
Marcela :and I took the tennisLeandro: good girls your total purchase is $ 200
Angie: thank you very much for your purchase and come back soon
Leandro: I will give a bonus to your next purchaseMarcela: thanks bye
Carolina: thanks bye
Angie: happy with late
Leandro: that are well

Name: Angie Tatiana Tellez
Grade: Once
Date: 22 October 2010



I woke up on Saturday at 7:00, breakfast bathe me and I arranged to go to church with a crumb left my house at 8:30, I met with them at 9:10 amand we were in the service until 12:30 after lunch and went to a mall and we ate ice cream at the cinema to see a scary movie
come to my house at 7:30 and was aday so cool that I really enjoyed with my friends


I woke up on Sunday at 10:00 bathe me breakfast, when it was 1 o'clock my uncle happened to pick us upand we went to the outskirts of Bogota to lunch, play a lot and was a nice ride back to the city of Bogota 8 o'clock at night and thus ends my week of vacation
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