Short story: have a drink

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  • Publicado : 21 de julio de 2010
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Ricardo galvez

Have a drink

It was late. The sun was tired of giving his heat away all day and it was time for him to go rest to his home, and watch the same things on television. John was staying in a hotel for a whole weekend, vacation from work. In the pool area, he decided to have a drink, from the five stools in the bar he was the only one, he notices how there is a big picture ofJesus Christ on the cross in the mirror in the back. The bartender looks at him, and says:

“What will you be having?”

John replies pointing at the picture: “isn’t the man waiting to be served?”

The bartender replies: “who? Gives him a face of – here comes another crazy –

John says: “I forgive you, now go and do not sin any more”.

The bartender says: “I didn’t understand, there’snobody waiting sir”

John tells him with a more confident tone: “is just I saw the man in the back with the pain looking face was waiting to drink his sorrows”

The bartender, a young man, in his 30’s, move the bottle harder than usual, showing a job well done.

“Here you go” showing John with a shot of brandy

John sat down, with a smile and drank the shot and the bartender tries to makesmall talk, they think it helps getting them a tip on the side.

The bartender asks him: “another?”

John replies: “yeah, give me some gin”

And looking at the picture he smiles, the bartender sees John’s face…as he looks for the
Gin in his cabinet.

The bartender found the bottle, and gives him a glass of gin, and here came the long awaited conversation the bartender could not wait tohave.

“Do you practice a religion” ask the bartender

John says: “yes…”

The bartender did a pause cleaning polishing the mirror, hoping for John to elaborate more in his conversation, but showed signs that he didn’t wanted to.

“I am a Christian” says the bartender

“Oh really, I didn’t notice” replies with a sarcastic tone, followed by quick laugh

The bartender smiles with the backof his teeth.

“I noticed you don’t have a devotion to our lord Jesus Christ”

To what john replies with a quick: No…

“But, don’t you believe in God?”

And john gives this smile and answer again: “No”

The bartender, with a desire to know asks john: “Then what religion do you practice?”

John replies without looking at him, to maintain calmness and being a good client: “I am aBuddhist”

There it was, what the bartender wanted to know, but it didn’t end there, John knew what was about to came was the questioning.

The bartender, with a screaming tone says “Buddhist?!?! What the hell do Buddhist believe in?

John a bit angered says: “I believe in that you should lower the tone of your voice, and I also believe in being happy”

The bartender serves him another drink andsays: “this one is on me…I am happy because Christ saved me”

John laughs and drinks a bit and says “you don’t say…from what?”

He quickly replies: “from hell”

John says: “Hell it’s a state of mind, where people are tired of suffering…don’t you suffer?”

The bartender a bit confused says “everybody suffers…but I am not going to hell”

John asks him interrupting his drinking and eatingice says: “hmm..hell is a place?”

The bartender says, with a very authoritarian tone: “Yes, that’s where people go for an eternity, after the final judgement and after death, those who don’t follow God including people that don’t believe in him”

John takes a deep breath, exhales and getting an attitude of I don’t care, says “to my belief…hell is a state of mind, is suffering for somethingand knowing its existence in that moment in that suffering, life is an eternity, life is energy, and this you don’t create it or destroy it, just changes shape, so its eternal, but not suffering, unless you want it to be. For example, what is suffering? An hour with a bartender, evangelist, that ate a tuna sandwich…that’s hell. Who judged me to be here? I going to be here eternally?

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