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  • Publicado : 28 de abril de 2010
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Hi, I’m John Dobud and today I want to tell you my story…

Everything started a cold winter night when Aretha and Louis Dobud saw from their window a basket left on the front sidewalk.Minutes passed, and it was raining. Nobody took care of the basket, so they decided to come out to see what was inside it. When they went outside, they heard somebody crying and they quickly realized thatit came from the basket. “It’s a child!” – Said Aretha to Louis - “What are we going to do? We can’t leave him here all alone, even more now that it’s raining” It was at that moment when they decidedto take me with them. That day marked my arrival in the Dobud’s family.
The Dobud was a family of 5 persons. Louis, a tall and robust man with black eyes and black hair, known in theneighbourhood for being a very cheerful and sociable person, he worked selling cars in the downtown. His wife, Aretha, a beautiful woman, with long curly hair and big black eyes, who worked as a housewife.Jeffrey, who was the oldest son, and was studying at San Diego’s University for an athletic scholarship for football, and was known for being attractive; he was always surrounded by women. AfterJeffrey, was Sarah who used glasses and brackets and was a bit fat; she was a very shy girl, very closed in her things; she was more concerned at all of her studies and her guitar, which accompanied her inthose moments of loneliness. Finally, the youngest son Tim, who was just 1 year old, he was fat and had huge eyes like those of his mother; even so having a bit more than a year age, he had neveruttered a word, he didn’t know how to talk. The Dobud came from and influential family in the African American social environment; The Dobud were black people.
One of the things that causedproblems at home since my arrival was my acceptance as an adopted brother; I am a person very thin, with light blue eyes, blond hair and a skin whiter than the clouds that pass through the sky. That was a...
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